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Argasol Silver Solution


Our silver products include:
Silver Supplement (used orally)
Silver Gel (use topically)
Silver Disinfectant (spray form)

SilverSol® Technology | Clinical & Test Research | Testimonials

Argasol Silver Solutions is a new broad-spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal solution. This range of silver products is powered by SilverSol Technology (patented in 2006). It has been tested and proven to provide up to 4 hours of continuous bacteria protection. SilverSol Technology works by catalytic action, not by chemical action resulting in high kill rates on bacteria and other pathogens.

pro range

retail range

Retail Locations:

  • 308 Tanglin Road
    Phoenix Park Singapore 247974
  • All major Guardian Pharmacy
  • Online purchase at argasol.com